Brokers v Bankers

You: So we’ve had a few conversations about why I should come to Picket Fence. Can you sum it up for me: what’s the difference between me going to a local branch for a home loan or coming to see you?

David: For starters, we have over 40 lenders to choose from and they all have different lending criteria, policies, fees and interest rates. If you go to one Bank it means you’re stuck with just one option.

You: So, with you I have more options?

David: You got it. Then we work for you in finding the cheapest and best structure and getting the deal approved. We pride ourselves in achieving that approval first time.

You: Won’t the bank manager do the same?

David: There are exceptions but typically the bank manager works for the bank and will most likely sell you a product that is more right for them than for you. Then there’s the personal service. For instance, have you experienced dealing with “call centers”?

You: Tell me about it. Every time I have a question about my insurance I’m talking to someone overseas. And what we have is a failure to communicate.

David: You can call us any time and be sure of getting answers. We’re all about building long-lasting relationships with our clients and that comes down to good communications. We stay in contact with our clients and show them better deals when they arise. Your average bank manager will NEVER alert you to a better deal.

You: So it’s better in the short term and the long term?

David: Better believe it. We handle every aspect of property investment before, during and after the deal is made. And we can take the stress and the drudgery out of it for you. Take paperwork.

You: Yes please.

David: Most people really dislike the amount of paperwork involved. We take the pain out of what can be a stressful and time-consuming process through our knowledge of the requirements of each Bank.

You: Sounds great. Anything else?

David: We can recommend professional conveyancers, solicitors, financial advisors, accountants and real estate agents. We can help you through every aspect of the process and make it seamless which is so much more than any Bank will do for you.

You: So where do we begin?

David: Just give us a call in the office and we can get you started.


David Kearns is a Director at Picket Fence Finance. To look at your many options and find the right mortgage for you and your situation, give David a call on 03 9696 3007.