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PODCAST: 50% Of Home Loans Now Written By Mortgage Brokers. What's Changed?

With 50% of home loans now written by mortgage brokers and policy changes making it harder for people to get a home loan, David and Cam discuss some of the industry changes that have occurred. Read More

I’m self employed and it’s really difficult to get a self employed home loan

Here at Picket Fence Finance we are often contacted by clients who are self employed in a variety of industries asking for advice on securing a self employed home loan. Read More

Pepper Money cuts rates for self-employed borrowers

In addition to getting same day approvals, Pepper Money has announced sharp rate cuts to its prime alternative documentation loans. Read More

Banks continue to move on rates

One of the big four banks has significantly reduced fixed rates for investors, while a non-major has targeted owner-occupiers with new pricing. Read More

Three Questions to Ask Your Broker When Applying For a Low Doc Home Loan

Low doc home loans can be used for the purchase, refinance or renovation of both residential and commercial properties, and have been converting Australia's 1.2 million sole traders' home ownership dreams to reality since the early 2000's. Read More

PODCAST: The Low Doc Home Loan Specialists.

If you're one of Australia's 1.2 million sole traders and are seeking advice on a low doc loan, phone Picket Fence Finance on (03) 9696 3007. It will only take a couple of minutes to determine your eligibility, and you could be on your way to securing the home loan that's right for you. Read More

Westpac announces major home lending changes

Why choose a mortgage broker?

Brokers v Bankers

We have over 40 lenders to choose from and they all have different lending criteria, policies, fees and interest rates. If you go to one Bank it means you’re stuck with just one option. Read More

Why in the world of finance – small IS beautiful

We can deliver all kinds of benefits by being a tight little organization. When it comes to providing financial services, bigger is not better. In a vast, hierarchical corporation like a major commercial bank, there is a mandate coming from on high to market certain products. Read More