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I’m self employed and it’s really difficult to get a self employed home loan

Here at Picket Fence Finance we are often contacted by clients who are self employed in a variety of industries asking for advice on securing a self employed home loan. Read More

PODCAST: Interest rates are still on the radar - August 2016

Picket Fence Finance Directors David Kearns and Cameron Stillman weigh in on the key considerations for clients wishing to take advantage of the record low rates through home loan refinancing. Read More

Picket Fence Finance's Top Tips for Home Loan Refinancing

The Reserve Bank's August 2016 decision to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.50 per cent is set to benefit mortgage holders; and brokers Australia-wide are noticing a considerable upswing in clients wanting to explore their home loan refinancing options. Read More

I've already got a mortgage so what use is a mortgage broker?

Three Questions to Ask Your Broker When Applying For a Low Doc Home Loan

Low doc home loans can be used for the purchase, refinance or renovation of both residential and commercial properties, and have been converting Australia's 1.2 million sole traders' home ownership dreams to reality since the early 2000's. Read More

Focused on mortgages

In Melbourne’s beautiful Albert Park close to the lush and leafy St Vincent Gardens, sits award-winning boutique brokerage Picket Fence Finance. At the helm are directors Cameron Stillman and David Kearns, who cater to clients in Bayside and its surrounding south-eastern neighbourhoods. Read More

PODCAST: The Low Doc Home Loan Specialists.

If you're one of Australia's 1.2 million sole traders and are seeking advice on a low doc loan, phone Picket Fence Finance on (03) 9696 3007. It will only take a couple of minutes to determine your eligibility, and you could be on your way to securing the home loan that's right for you. Read More

What does it cost to use a Mortgage Broker?

PODCAST: Interest rates are down in May 2016, should I re-finance my mortgage?

Home Loans Can Be Hard to Navigate – How a Mortgage Broker Can Help

When seeking a home loan, there's a lot more at stake than just borrowing capacity and interest rates. With so many products on the market and factors to consider, home loans can be hard to navigate without a mortgage broker. Read More