We promise to be clear and upfront about commissions and fees

The first and most important point about fees, commissions and charges is that when you ask Picket Fence Finance to search out a mortgage for you, you don’t pay us a cent*.

We, like all mortgage brokers, earn our income from the mortgage lenders we work with. This is because we are a financial intermediary. In plain English, it means we are skilled and qualified to help you, our client, to find the loan that is right for you. We exist to give you, the borrower, the opportunity to consider loans offered by a large number of lenders, whose rates, terms and conditions can vary considerably.

At Picket Fence Finance, it’s our belief that the loan we recommend must be the right mortgage for you – regardless of whether some other lender might pay us a higher fee. We will show you the range of loans we investigate on your behalf. And we will disclose any and all fees, charges or commissions involved. So when you do sign up for a mortgage loan with us, you will be certain that it is properly suited to your circumstances, with all the facts revealed.

Picket Fence Finance

The grass is greener on our side of the fence.

*In some very rare and complex cases, and only with your agreement, a small fee may be charged to cover the additional work.