Pre-approval – as soon as you’re ready

As soon as you’re ready to start the loan evaluation process, we’ll meet with you to prepare an analysis of your financial position. Once that’s completed, we can give you a pre-approval statement as early as possible in the process. Pre-approval will give you a close estimate of how much you’re likely to be able to borrow, together with repayment amounts and basic conditions. Armed with that information, you can begin the search for the property you want to buy.

The next step, once we have evaluated the loans and the lenders that will be right for you, we will use your financial position analysis to secure a conditional pre-approval on the mortgage you choose. While it’s not a guarantee (because your circumstances could change unexpectedly) it’s generally a reliable indication both to you and to estate agents and property vendors that you’re a serious buyer who’s ready to make a purchase.

It’s at this point that you can really home in on the property you want, and be ready to purchase.

Picket Fence Finance

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