The grass is greener on our side of the fence… and we’ll keep it that way for you

When you choose Picket Fence Finance as your mortgage broker, you’ll not just be saving time, money, hassles and confusion. You will gain substantial value from a relationship in which you are the focus of attention. Like bank managers and family doctors in years gone by, we will get to know you, your circumstances, your preferences and your needs. We will always act in your best interests, and we will communicate plainly, clearly and promptly about the work we do for you.

When you’ve chosen and signed the mortgage agreement that is right for you, our work won’t stop. We will contact you to regularly review the loan terms and your situation. For any significant change (such as an interest rate movement, or a change in your financial position), we will tell you how it will affect you, and what you should do about it.

It could involve fixing the rate on all or part of the loan.
It could suggest increasing or decreasing your regular loan repayment amount.
Or it might be that refinancing could be useful.

Whatever the situation, if action is needed, we’ll recommend the best course for you. So you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your loan arrangements suit your needs perfectly.

Picket Fence Finance

The grass is greener on our side of the fence