We promise to find you the right mortgage, not just the week’s lowest rate

We know that your situation and your needs are as individual as you are. So your requirements for a mortgage are special too.

At Picket Fence Finance, we work with a broad panel of mortgage lenders. From some of the biggest, through to some of the more specialised, all of them offer what might seem a bewildering array of mortgages. With different rates, terms, conditions, documentation, qualification criteria, it is a complicated business.

At Picket Fence Finance, it’s our business to examine all these options with your situation in mind. While rate is very important, the right mortgage for you might not be this week’s lowest quoted rate. If there are other factors that offset a slightly lower rate, we’ll track them down, consider them and show you why the deal is superior – for you.

We keep in mind that interest rates have moved both down and up in the past and will in the future – it’s a fact of life. Because we keep your particular circumstances in mind, we’re able to advise you on your response, whether rates move up or down, or other loan conditions change.

Picket Fence Finance

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