The Enlightened Client

You: Last time we spoke you mentioned this idea of the ‘enlightened client’. What exactly do you mean by that?

David: That’s a great question because that’s what we’re all about: enlightening our clients as to the best way to secure and manage their property investments. We had a lady come in last week. She had a long term loan securing her property and she was paying way over the odds.

You: How come?

David: That’s what we asked her and she told us it had been her parents’ building society and it was like a family tradition. So she just carried on the tradition. We see this all the time. People don’t realize that simply by reviewing their loan structure every year or two, they can make a much better deal.

You: What kind of a better deal?

David: Better as in saving you thousands of dollars a year that I am sure you could find much better uses for.

You: Well I know I could. Come to think of it, David, when was the last time we reviewed my loan?

David: Give me a call in the office and I can tell you exactly where you stand and identify any opportunities for improvement. Things can change very quickly in the financial marketplace and if you know what’s going on, you can use it to your advantage.

You: So I become the enlightened client?

David: Call me on Monday and let the enlightenment begin…


David Kearns is a Director at Picket Fence Finance. Find out the best way for you to manage your mortgage by having a chat with him. You can reach him on 03 9696 3007.