Through Picket Fence Finance, You Have Access to the Best

We are accredited by and work closely with more than 20 major mortgage lenders, as you see from the list below.

All of these highly respected companies offer many and varied mortgage products, all tailored to particular uses, borrower profiles, financial circumstances and property types. Navigating the mortgage maze is a daunting, time-consuming and confusing process, even for the most experienced of borrowers.

Because we specialise in mortgages, and concentrate on mortgages, we have made it very much our business to know the lenders and their mortgage products extremely well.

When you ask us to find the right mortgage for you, we evaluate your situation and your needs and expectations against the huge array of competing offerings. We can confidently claim to cut down the time and complexity involved in coming to the right mortgage for you.

Remember, too, that because we are paid by the lender – whichever mortgage product you choose – we do not charge you a cent for our work for you*. We advise you upfront and clearly about any and all fees, commissions and charges. We will demonstrate exactly how the product we recommend is the right deal for you.

Picket Fence Finance

The grass is greener on our side of the fence

*In some very rare and complex cases, and only with your agreement, a small fee may be charged to cover the additional work.