Why in the world of finance – small IS beautiful

You: Why do you say small is beautiful?

David: We can deliver all kinds of benefits by being a tight little organization. When it comes to providing financial services, bigger is not better. In a vast, hierarchical corporation like a major commercial bank, there is a mandate coming from on high to market certain products.

You: And you guys are different?

David: Oh, yes, there’s a huge point of difference in being small.

You: But perfectly informed?

David: You’re not wrong. The serious point is that we are focused on the individual not on the products. As a boutique business, we provide a distinctly personal service. We’re also light on our feet and quick to respond.

You: The Cassius Clay of finance?

David: I wouldn’t go that far but let me give you an example. We had a situation recently when we foresaw a hike in the big banks’ interest rates. This was on a Friday. We got in touch with our clients to alert them to the fact that this was about to happen and if they acted quickly, they could save themselves considerable amounts of money.

You: And did they?

David: By the time we closed our doors on the following Tuesday, we had enabled our clients to save $65,000 on their payments.

You: Beautiful.

David Kearns is a Director at Picket Fence Finance and can help you better manage your mortgage. You can reach him on 03 9696 3007.